Don’t Make it Worse With DIY Appliance Repair – Call in the Appliance Repair Professionals

There’s a growing movement towards ‘make do and mend these days, as trade wars and economic instability leave people questioning their futures. While the idea is good in principle, there are some things that you shouldn’t try to do on your own, and appliance repair is one of them.

DIY appliance repair is fraught with risk. Modern appliances are complex and are full of logic boards and circuits that are much more difficult to work with than the things that your parents or grandparents may be used to. It may have been easier for your parents to fix their old-style twin tub, but if the thermostat goes on your modern washing machine you may find that it takes a logic board with it, and that replacing it is more complicated than it first looks.

Trying to repair appliances yourself can be a false economy. You could void the warranty on the appliance and you run the risk of damaging the appliance in new ways. Rather than risk making things worse, just call in the experts early on and let them sort things out for you.

A qualified appliance repair professional will have the resources to source the parts that you need to fix your appliance and will be able to identify the fault and repair it quickly. What might take you a full weekend of stress and trying to follow poorly constructed instructional videos could be sorted out in minutes by someone who really knows what they are doing.

If your appliance is still in warranty, contact the manufacturer before you try to fix it yourself, if it’s not, find a licensed Whirlpool appliance repair shop that knows the brand well, and seek their advice. Professional repairs are often more economical than you might first think, and they could save you a fortune.